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Every day we see, that there are a lot of things on Earth, that could - to put it innocently - need some “improvement”. But - everyone of us can do something  - even though a small part - for a better overall situation. There are countless initiatives, associations, communities, organisations with such an ambition, which would be worth to support – but which ones..?

I indend to use this platform to present some of them, of whose concept and benefit I am convinced, which I consider as transparent and especially citizen-friendly, and which I personally support.

As a natural scientist I am especially impressed by new, innovative ideas, whose engagement is either of small or larger scale.

I would like to present the following initiatives:


fairPla.net-The international co-operative for climate, energy and development 

fair-Pla.net is a community of citizens with a fascinating idea:


Basically there are three main objectives: www.fair-Pla.net]:

“by applying a new form of global economic activity, fairPla.net simultaneously achieves three goals:

    * global common climate protection

    * fighting poverty and fair, sustainable development in unpriviledged regions in South and East

    * an environment-friendly energy economy in the rich North, and therewith additional jobs

Concretely, this happens by funding, construction and operation of worldwide renewable energy and energy efficiency projects

Within the international cooperative fairPla.net people and organisations from different global regions participate with one or more shares of 250,- EUR each.

Therewith they invest in environment-friently energy projects – namely parallel in industrialised countries and underdeveloped regions on Earth

In the long run these projects shall generate an annual dividend per share of 2-3%.”

More detailed information at www.fair-pla.net

Two examples out of the area of the so-called p2p lending (peer-to-peer):

[Background: general. information about Micro credits, Peer-to-Peer-credits]



Via Kiva you may offer micro loans to people/organisations/communities in (min. 25 $) in developing countries. Transactions are done easily via  Paypal ; there is no interest for your loan. The aim is of course to always re-loan your repaid investments, but you may also redraw repaid money. 

Detailed informations: www.kiva.org (Englisch)

smava (Germany only)


“smava is an online-marketplace for loans from people to people. Like private persons may buy and sell things via ebay, smave allows the lending and borrowing of money in the internet.

smava allows the direct contact between investors and borrowers. This credit marketplace enables investors and borrowers, to share the usual span between deposit and credit interest. That is for the benefit of both investor and borrower. smava is not a bank.”

More information: www.smava.de

more  (local, national and international) initiatives

MEG (Germany)

Mittelbadische Energie-Genossenschaft 

The ‘mittelbadische Energiegenossenschaft’ is an initiative of commited citizens in the Baden-Baden-area to propagate and realise environment-friendly energy production installations. It is open to everybody to invest and participate. From the shares there shall arise a certain interest rate.

More information: www.meg-mittelbaden.de


Solar energy foundation

Stiftung Solarenergie 

The focus is on people in developing countries (actually: Ethiopia) and their needs. Aim is the erection of an enduring and self-supporting electric power supply with solar energy. The foundation thus enables people in these target countries, to operate these installed solar power systems and use them for education, health and economy. As a ‘co-founder’ you may add some money to the foundation’s funds and so contribute to the funding of development projects.

More information: www.stiftung-solarenergie.de (also in English)

There are certainly many further initiatives, that are worth keeping an eye on. Hints are appreciated.


Global Marshall Plan


The Global Marshall Plan initiative is a campaign for a better and obliging global framework for the global economy, that conciliates economy environment, society and culture.

More information: www.globalmarshallplan.org

Further interesting possibilities for useful things to do:

Plan International


Why not sponsor a child (and by that also support its family and local community) in developing countries across Africa, Asia and the Americas?!

It only costs about 25 Euros per month.

more information available at: www.plan-international.org (see also at Wikipedia: Plan International )



On betterplace.org you find social projects from around the world or in your own neighbourhood. Projects you can directly support: by offering donations in money, kind, know-how, or time – as an individual or a company.
On betterplace you can experience directly, in text and image, the concrete difference your contribution is making.

“Sustainable/ethical” investments, green investments, shares etc.:

These topics get more and more  attention - if one invests in funds and shares, wouldn’t it  be nice to invest in a social and ecological responsible way? Of course, it would! BUT, nowadays every enterprise and investment idea tries to give itself a “green or sustainable touch”, there is no official standard, so it is all about information, to find the true socially responsible and/or green enterprises.

More information about “green investments” e.g. at:

Sustainable investment:                www.sustainable-investment.org

Ethical/sustainable  investment     http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethical_investment






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