About me

Why did I publish this homepage?

After 10 years I thought it was time for a re-launch of the old sites. Until then it was my intention to create a place to stay in contact with friends from school and university. But therefore we nowadays have platforms like stayfriends, facebook, myspace, Xing, etc. You may as well visit me there ;-)

This website shall mainly make a reasonable share in the endless space of the internet, as I am presenting things, and therewith help to popularize them, which after my opinion are nice examples of how one can do something meaningful for the benefit of everyone.

This means, for example, to spread and offer independent information, pages of initiatives/organisations, who are occupied with non-commercial, charitable purposes, or point to various kinds of grievances, and try to change them actively, or just intend to participate in making our world more liveable, social and environment-friendly.

I will only present things I am convinced of. As a bonus - everything I present will make fun. That’s guaranteed!!

Fortunately, there are lots of such websites - my intention is to point out some of those, which (or whose aims) I personally favorize and support.

I support them especially, because they all offer - after my opinion - outstanding interesting, innovative and reasonable approaches, are very citizen-friendly and, above all, are very transparent.

The focus is on unusual ways to fight poverty and on environment protection. (s. “Engagement”) .

Most of these initiatives are not very known until now, but deserve a lot more attention, therefore I intend to boost their degree of popularity. .

I would be happy, if I would be successful and manage to arouse your interest. I would be greatful for feedback - comments, suggestions, hints about further interesting websites/initiatives, especially apart from the big, generally known ones (via e-mail).

Have fun!


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